No-price packaging

We've taken pricing off our packaging so you can maximize profit opportunities.

This new strategy puts you in control of your profit and gives you flexibility in how you market the great taste of Little Debbie in your store.

#1 in unit sales

Little Debbie products are the sales leader.*

In fact, 4.7 million Little Debbie products are sold every day – that’s 55 every second for more cash-register-ringing action. Plus, when your customers stop by for a beverage, they’ll appreciate that you have Little Debbie snacks to go along with their drink.

*Nielsen ScanTrack, Convenience Stores channel of trade, 52 weeks ending July 29, 2017.

4.7 million sold daily

Little Debbie has the fresh and delicious snacks your customers crave every hour of the day.

Whether it’s breakfast, a midday treat, an afternoon pick-me-up or an evening dessert, a wide range of suggested price points and excellent profit margins make Little Debbie snacks a perfect fit for your store.

DSD sales to your store

With DSD sales by local distributors, you'll never lose profits because of out‑of‑date products.

Distributors deliver fresh and merchandise products. Distributors work with their customers to determine product assortment to maximize sales. No storage, thawing time, or rotating required.

Top baked sweet goods brand

Little Debbie is the preferred baked sweet goods solution.

With 97% brand recognition and the highest consumer loyalty of any sweet baked goods brand, Little Debbie products are a customer favorite.

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